Problems and Solutions

Update: 30/06/2012

HEADS UP GAMERS!  I have news for you re CSI problems.  Only the original CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATIONS needs QuickTime (version 6) to run.  None of the other CSI games needs QuickTime at all!

This is fantastic news as Quicktime is the major cause of running problems for the CSI games.


Then DO NOT UPDATE QUICKTIME when Apple/iTunes suggests it.  Unless you have other games that you know rely on QuickTime to run.  I can’t think of any.  But if that is the case then put your CSI games on another (possibly older) computer that you won’t need to Update all the time.

* * * * *

Update: 29/06/2011  OOOOOOOPS!  I should have waited till this morning.  I tried the other game and it opened to the Main Menu, but when I pressed PLAY it shut down again!  But the suggestion below is still worth trying, as it worked for the other game which was refusing to open at all before.  Good luck!  Let me know how you get on.

Update: 28/06/2011  Just a further Update regarding Games that won’t open.  During the last couple of weeks I have experienced problems with new downloads not opening.  A message comes up saying there are problems, Microsoft will check it out and get back to me.  Of course they don’t.

But I think I have solved the problem.  I wondered if my Trend Micro was interfering, as the Norton had before it.  It seemed to check each new download before letting me complete the Wizard Set-up.  But I had another thought as well.  Perhaps, coupled with the pickiness of the Virus Check, these Games needed nothing else to be open at the time of downloading?!  There are quite a few Games that specify this during installation, while others assure you that it’s not a problem.

So I uninstalled the 2 Games in question, then closed all other programs, then downloaded and installed the Games again.  Keeping the other programs closed, I then crossed my fingers and opened the first Game, which had ejected itself at every previous attempt.  Not only did it open, but it played the free hour through without a hitch.  I have to try the other Game tomorrow, but am expecting it to open as well.  I was going to wait to do this up-date in case it doesn’t work, but then thought ‘what the heck’.  It certainly did the trick today.  So give it a try.

* * * * *

Update: 22/05/2011 Just to clarify the process of the reset:  Windows 7/ Control Panel/ Troubleshooting/ Run Previous Versions/ Detecting Issues/ Next/ Select Game/ Start Game/ Next/ Save new Version or Not/ Next/ Done.  When you go to Select the Game you want, the list is in Alphabetical order.  However if you cannot find the Game you want in the usual place, make sure you check ‘Play ….’ as in Play Escape Whisper Valley, which should be under Escape but isn’t.  You will find a whole list of games with Play in front of their title, under ‘P’ in the list.  I thought I should give you a ‘heads up’ on it.

* * * * *

The problems listed here took place in 2010 with CSI games, BUT THIS CAN APPLY TO ALL GAMES.

I would like to state at the outset that there is now a Troubleshooting program on Windows 7, accessed via the Control Panel, which offers help to ‘Run programs made for previous versions of Windows’ that will rectify and set parameters for some earlier games.  The result makes some games playable, though perhaps the graphics and/or text are not always the clearest, but many games still retain the refusal-to-play or small-screen modes.

In 2010, as a result of space problems on my C Drive, I decided to uninstall and re-install on my E  Drive (an additional hard drive within the computer).  No problems I thought.  Boy was I wrong!  Few of the games would play, despite the fact that I had made sure to download the patches for each.  I also re-registered each time I re-installed – TOTALLY UNNECESSARY as once registered, games can be installed multiple times.  So I uninstalled them all again and re-installed them back onto the C Drive – removing other games to make the room.  I figured that maybe the relevant driver for the CSI games was only available on my C Drive.


So by now you’d think ‘crisis averted’ – but no.  Now very few of them will open, and those that do have not responded to the patches.  So I have CSI DARK MOTIVES reverting to French from the second game on; CSI 3 DIMENSIONS OF MURDER has a big white square in the middle of the screen though the sound track moves on; CSI MIAMI and CSI both refuse to open.  I continued to uninstall and re-install each game plus patches several more times but could not make any progress.

YOU CAN USE THE STANDARD UNINSTALL OPTION FROM THE START MENU (all Ubisoft games have a built-in uninstall tool accessible in the games’ folders, and also on their Main Menu page), OR THE WINDOWS: START/  CONTROL PANEL/ UNINSTALL/CHANGE OR ADD/REMOVE PROGRAM WHICH VARIES IN PROGRAM TITLE DEPENDING ON THE POWER OF MICROSOFT (eg. XP, Vista, or Windows 7) .  All methods should clear the drive for a clean re-install.


1      Usual Uninstall/ Re-install procedure won’t work. 

If the usual uninstall procedure doesn’t work then it might be due to remnants of the game’s first installation – one or two registry files or similar lurking in the kinds of folders you or I would never touch.  While this won’t cause conflicts for every program this happens to, it can effect programs that acknowledge them while they are running (eg. running CSI from the E: drive, it locates one of its files on C:, then has issues with the other files not being in that same location).


·         Open My Computer then open the Local Disk (C:) where the games used to be installed

·         Open the program files folder, Click on the tools menu then choose folder options

·         Click on the view tab and tick the box labelled “show hidden files and folders”. Press OK.

·         Open the ‘installshield’ installation information folder. Search for a folder named {3BA044B0-A5E4-428E-8731-63BD5DD4FDB2}. If you have trouble finding this, you can always search your C: drive for this folder.

·         Right click on the folder and choose rename. Press the End key on the keyboard and type the word OLD. Press the enter key

·         Reinstall the game. This will replace and overwrite any missing components that were preventing the game from being uninstalled normally. Once this is done, you can then uninstall again using the ‘uninstall’ option from the game menu.

Yes it sounds strange – reinstall the game first to uninstall it – but this apparently works well! I guess the best way to explain this theory is it’s like asking a PC to read a file containing the numbers 1 to 100 in order. You forgot to type the number ’34’ in this file. The PC reaches ‘33’ and then stops counting entirely as it can’t finish what you asked it to do. Replacing all the numbers 1 to 100 fixes this.

I tried this suggestion and had some success.  However the instructions were not for Windows 7 thus causing me some trouble – it is very difficult to get into C Drive, Program files, but when I did there was no Tool menu.  It is so different from the XP logical progression. And I couldn’t find that folder, even when I searched for it in what I hoped was the Drive Search box.  Anyway I did locate a file that seemed to be for CSI MIAMI which shouldn’t have been on there, so I followed the instructions about attaching the word OLD to the end of it – despite it asking if I really wanted to change the file name.  I then downloaded the game fully.  I immediately uninstalled it as instructed.

2     Games won’t accept their patches.

In order to accept a patch download, the initial installation must be correct.  But it is confusing because for the average user they assume that their game installed just fine,  so believe it must need another patch.



Also when I went into the Add/Remove program list I was surprised to see the patch for CSI (that hadn’t found its main game files as mentioned) so I tried to remove it as well thinking that I could always redownload it when I could get a game that worked properly.  But it refused to let me do so, stating there had been an error during the install process – I think at one stage I had activated the install while it was still doing so.  So I was stuck with it for some time till it disappeared when I did a CLEAN UP of the computer using

TIP: WHEN DOWNLOADING, NO MATTER IF THE PROGRAM SAYS IT IS OKAY, DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE!  IT COULD INTERFERE WITH THE DOWNLOAD AND CAUSE GLITCHES.  (I recently tried to remove a program/game from one dealer as I redownloaded the game from another.  Finally got rid of first one, but now the new one won’t open!  My own fault!)

My problem with CSI DARK MOTIVES – which  I installed successfully, and also ran it on the slightly higher resolution – was that it wouldn’t allow the Dark Motives patch, imperative to correct the language glitch, to attach to it.  A can’t find message would show for the installed file for Dark Motives – but it was definitely there under Ubisoft in All Programs.  It took me some time to locate it, as it did not show up anywhere else except the Desktop.  I also searched to see if there were any other fragments of the this game anywhere else, but could find nothing.  I was loathe to try and move them from this location, as I found from past experience that they could leave parts of their program behind causing glitches.  So I no longer considered that a possibility.

The Patch also wouldn’t allow me to designate where I wanted it saved, so I was unable to manually find the CSI Dark Motive installation first and then attach the Patch to it.

THE SOLUTION WAS TO RUN THE PATCH WHEN PROMPTED DURING ITS INSTALLATION – NOT SAVE IT.  I discovered this when I returned to click RUN after clicking on SAVE.  This made it work, correcting the language glitch in CSI DARK MOTIVES.  I then reverted to just using RUN, as I do when I download my games. 

3   Games won’t open.

If all  these games were installed on Windows XP then Ubisoft can confirm all titles will work with XP.  However if the operating system is Vista or Windows 7 then some older game/titles (not just CSI) have compatability issues with these newer Windows editions.  I discovered some time later a solution for this, which I will give you shortly.

The CSI titles have also been tested with Windows 7 so should run okay, whether on a box PC or  Laptop, once they are installed and patched.  So I spent most of a day installing the CSI games onto my new laptop which has Windows 7.  I was really optimistic at first because the first three I tried all installed and played perfectly.  These are: CSI: DEADLY INTENT, CSI: HARD EVIDENCE, and CSI: DIMENSIONS OF MURDER.  The graphics are terrific, the patches downloaded and attached with no dramas, and the games play on full screen as expected.

I finally installed CSI: NY THE GAME, which I really do not like, but to make sure that it would install and play properly as I expected it would.  And it did.  Not only did the install go smoothly, but it found and auto-downloaded 3 patches for it.

4      Games with small-screen window format.

However when I went to install the next three, two of them came up with an error message almost at the end – Component ‘comdlg32.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.  Needless to say it was like the pricking of a balloon.  Both CSI: DARK MOTIVES and CSI: MIAMI would play despite this message, but only in a small-screen window format, about the quarter of the full-screen size.

Having followed the instructions about attaching the word OLD to the end of the MIAMI file name, then downloading the game fully, and immediately uninstalling, I then reinstalled it, but just a short version rather than a full one.  At the penultimate moment the message telling me that:  ‘Component ‘comdlg32.OCX’ or one of its dependencies was not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid’ popped up.  This was followed by the configurations for this computer and this game, which included the info Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD5165  and Video Mode: 800x600x16  60 Hz
I made a note of these and continued the Finish of the installation. I then was prompted to put the first disk back in, did so, and the game opened into a little window again but working.  So I changed the screen resolution to 800×600 – I’ll omit the floundering around I did, when the game was half off the screen with its giant icons, most of which were also off the screen – and cut to the chase.  After much clicking on the half visible game panel, with its Play box off-stage to the right and unreachable – I managed to get the game to start.  And it played through with a few little pauses and hiccups to the end of game 1.  I had to change the disk for game 2 which presented another whole bunch of trial and error clicking etc, and finally got that to work.


*    Right click to open the window then click on Screen Resolution

*    Either work your way down or work your way up – I recommend the former.  As you go down you will have to relocate the game icons on the Desktop/ to the part of the screen that you deduce will remain visible in order to click on the enlarged icon to open the game. 

*    You will need to verify that you want the change to be made; and after you have finished playing, you can return the screen to normal, verifying the change back in the same manner.  

I succeeded in solving the CSI Miami problem!  I can open it on a slightly higher resolution than that designated to it (800 x 600), and the patch seems to have taken as well.  I do have to change the resolution each time I wish to play it, but at least I can play it.
 5     Games have big white square in middle of screen, though game and audio continue to play.

I had finally sorted out the CSI Miami, CSI Dark Motives problems, plus saved patches to all the other games, except Deadly Intent which at the time had no patches.

But CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION seemed beyond fixing.   I had also saved a patch to it, but every download that I made of the main game came out the same – patch or no patch.  As well as having the error message, being invisible to its patch download, and going through the multiple attempts to install and uninstall, not only opened to quarter-size screen, but also had the white square in the middle of the picture, as before, while the game carried on behind it.

Then a breakthrough – the old hidden in a filing cabinet in a basement guarded by crocodiles etc scenario!  In a link from a link from a link behind the Patch website page was a little note about white squares, mentioning QuickTime.

I finally worked out the problem of the white square, and the failure of the games to open.  It was all down to the screen resolution, and to the constant upgrades of QuickTime.  Anyway Ubisoft seem to be the only group using it, and instead of retaining its earlier formats as it upgrades it overwrites them, thus making any of the older games unable to cope with the later version.  So I took it back to the original version 6 and worked my way up through the versions till I reached the point when the affected game failed.  But the low QuickTime wasn’t powerful enough to run the graphics of the latest games satisfactorily.


ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION:  GET AN OLD COMPUTER WITH XP OR LESS INSTALLED ON IT.  INSTALL CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION ON IT.  WITHIN THE INSTALL PROCESS WILL BE THE INSTALLATION OF DIRECT X AND QUICKTIME 6.  If  they ask if you want to upgrade the QuickTime DO NOT.  You will need to go to the CSI PATCH website provided in this blog to download the Patch for CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.  The game will play through really well, with good graphics, and continuity.

I now have the latest QuickTime version installed, and only play the newer games.  I’ve left the others installed on an older computer, which of course I never turn on!  Such is life.

Re Quicktime – it is strange the way it overwrites the previous version.  DirectX tells you to download it even if you have a later version as it won’t affect the earlier version thus still allowing the earlierversion games to continue running.  But Quicktime keeps prompting for upgrades, which then overwrite as I said thus locking out the earlier version games.  It is definitely a Quicktime problem.  Whether this also affects the resolution problem – of not allowing the earlier games to open unless they are on the lower or lowest settings – I am not sure.  It seems to do so, but that could be an entirely separate issue.

There is also a possibility that, as the Quicktime updates continue, these latest games will also gradually be affected – the Quicktime level that runs them will be overwritten and outdated.  So I believe that it is more than just a minor concern.  Rather, it is a snowballing affect, creating a series where only the latest games will work, smothering the very nature of a ‘series’.


I am sure that, if the Ubisoft Tech guys could resolve these issues, there will be a multitude of much happier CSI players world-wide, and this can only be good for Ubisoft.  If they do fix it email notification to Registered CSI owners that a patch is available would be a positive marketing strategy.  In fact it might be advisable to announce it generally as well.  Just a constructive thought.

If the Ubisoft Game Programmers could create a patch to upgrade the old games to accept the higher graphics of the latest Quicktime, that would also be appreciated by the loyal CSI Game fans..  I do think it would be a great idea if they got their programmers to do that – they do so to solve other problems.  Just another constructive thought!


(C) Copyright  Jud House 4/04/2011

* * * * *

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I write reviews of Adventure and Hidden Object games that are Crime, Fantasy, SciFi, Renovation, Travel, Quest and/or Mystery by genre. I have a Masters in Writing (2006) and have been writing novels, both crime and fantasy for many years; plus Haiku, verse, and prose both fictional and literary. I am also an artist of modern, Acrylic, textural and hard edge work, underwater, fantasy, expressionist, and Cosmos paintings. I use mixed media (Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastels) in textural Monoprints, finding surprises to expose within each work. Having both an analytical and creative mind has meant that I have strong powers of observation, and the persistence required to follow computer problems through till I solve them. Of course I am not always successful, but am willing to ask for a little help in order to then unlock the main problem myself. My Troubleshooting Blog, 'Problems and Solutions', was the result of my tenacity.
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3 Responses to Problems and Solutions

  1. ken says:

    please help i installed csi miami but now my pc wont recognise disc one … asks to remove disc and reinsert and then press ok.. i do this but then it just repeats it over and over

    • This is a little tricky. I’ve had this happen and can’t remember if I wrote about it on my Troubleshooting and Problems and Solutions blogs. My suggestion to you is that you try resetting the compatibility via Control Panel ->Troubleshooting -> Programs (run programs made for previous versions of Windows). Then try putting in the Disc 1 again and see what happens.
      You could always try closing the computer and rebooting it, then try the disc 1 and see what happens.
      Or you could uninstall the CSI Miami, then reinstall it from scratch, reset to earlier versions as suggested then try the disc. Did you understand that?
      Read my blog on CSI Miami as I should have provided specific info for that game, especially for any glitches. Another thing to try is to download the Patch for CSI Miami – there should be a link for it on my blog. If not, Google CSI Miami Patch and that should provide you with the site. Also there is a Ubisoft Link under Menu Item in my Categories in the Header of the blog site.
      I will check out the blogs tomorrow, if I get a chance, to see if there is anything else I can suggest. SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THESE THINGS HELP.

  2. I reckon something truly interesting about your site so
    I saved to bookmarks.

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