Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics *****  Player participation (PP) *****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF) *  Fair Play (FP) ****

What a brilliant game!  So impressed with the glorious opening Graphics – clear, gorgeous technicolour!  The movement of the stormy ocean was spectacular.  And it was short and to the point, setting the story up neatly and quickly, preparing the Player for what lay ahead, sparking their interest so they were eager to start!  Genius!  I wish more games did that, instead of dragging the opening out till you find yourself saying “Just get on with it!”, knowing you are powerless to start till they are done.  Of course many of them have a Skip button, but if you do so, you often miss crucial info for the GamePlay.

The game has the usual Basic Options, with the choice of Casual or Advanced Modes at the Start.  The Tutorial is quickly over and holds no surprises, so you can give it a miss if you like – there are no special items (like keys or locks) to find in each scene so you can sail right in.

The Hidden Objects have their usual softly sparkling sites, and you gain one item into your Inventory from each search.  You also search main locations for pieces of HOs that are shown as fragmented shadows in the List Bar.  These also go straight into the Inventory to be used on Hotspots as required.  There is only one FF, and that is that the HOs are fuzzy, undefined, blended into the otherwise clear graphics of the scenes.  I consider this to be not FP.

The storyline is interesting, and integrated into the Game, keeping you involved and wanting to move forward.  Also, due to the nature of the Graphics, you need to sit just a little back from the screen to have clean focus, especially when searching for HOs.  Of course this is contrary to our instinctive behaviour of leaning in to look closely for something.  It can interfere with you concentration a little, but it’s no big deal.

In case it isn’t obvious, I really like this Game and have put it in the ‘To Buy’ corner of my screen.  I highly recommend it for all ages – there has interest on many levels.  Enjoy.

(C)  Copyright  Jud House  13/10/2011

* * * * *


About judsartwork

I write reviews of Adventure and Hidden Object games that are Crime, Fantasy, SciFi, Renovation, Travel, Quest and/or Mystery by genre. I have a Masters in Writing (2006) and have been writing novels, both crime and fantasy for many years; plus Haiku, verse, and prose both fictional and literary. I am also an artist of modern, Acrylic, textural and hard edge work, underwater, fantasy, expressionist, and Cosmos paintings. I use mixed media (Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastels) in textural Monoprints, finding surprises to expose within each work. Having both an analytical and creative mind has meant that I have strong powers of observation, and the persistence required to follow computer problems through till I solve them. Of course I am not always successful, but am willing to ask for a little help in order to then unlock the main problem myself. My Troubleshooting Blog, 'Problems and Solutions', was the result of my tenacity.
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