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by GAMERS DIGITAL; GAME BRAINS; BIGFISH GAMES  GREAT CRISP GRAPHICS! Story:   Take on the role of Adonia, an up and coming goddess, and overcome numerous challenges in your quest for immortality. The journey begins on Mount Olympus where on accepting … Continue reading

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GRIM TALES: THE VENGEANCE – Collector’s Edition

by ELEPHANT GAMES; BIGFISH GAMES GORGEOUS GRAPHICS! Story:  You’ve been summoned to court to provide testimony in a trial against your nephew James, who stands accused of murdering his sister. By using your power to learn an object’s history simply … Continue reading

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 by DEEP SHADOWS; BIGFISH GAMES CREEPY; FAST-MOVING! Story: When you signed up for a ghost tour at an old estate, you were just hoping to spend some time with your sister, who loves the paranormal. But the brochure never mentioned the … Continue reading

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1578: Games Journalism is Broken

SUPPORT YOUR GAME REVIEWERS! Visit their sites. It’s amazing what you can learn from people like Pete Davison. Even when it’s not in your preferred genre, you can pick up surprising tips, and gain understanding of how Gaming and games … Continue reading

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PHENOMENON: OUTCOME Collector’s Edition

by PUZZLE LAB; BIG FISH GAMES FANTASY SCIFI! Story:  Save the world from an alien substance in Phenomenon: Outcome! When a medallion you’ve had your whole life suddenly starts acting strange, you follow its trail to a mysterious island. There, … Continue reading

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