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An independent game developer, incorporated in 2005, EIPIX entered game development to work on several various sized indie titles, then several solo projects, before entering the outsourcing business, porting and making games for pretty much every platform out there.  This stopped in 2011 when EIPIX rebranded with their new slogan – ‘Creating Worlds’.  Their focus shifted to casual games, mostly hidden object puzzle adventure and free to play games of all genres for their exclusive partner Big Fish Games on all popular platforms.

Currently their team comprises over 250 people of various ages, but they are continuing to expand.  Their goal is to create new and immersive worlds that can be enjoyed by a variety of people.  A specific part of EIPIX is Xtruist Audio – a company dedicated to providing music and sound for all media, but most notably video games.  This team consists of experienced composers, sound designers, mix engineers, programmers etc. and features a high quality in house surround studio.  (EIPIX ‘About’ blurb)

Take a peek at the exclusive in-game shots from Eipix Entertainment’s MYTHS OF THE WORLD: THE HEART OF DESOLATION.


Soon to be released in early April, MYTHS OF THE WORLD: THE HEART OF DESOLATION, an EIPIX Fantasy Hidden Object/Adventure/Puzzle game appears to uphold their great standards in Game Production –  Imagination, Innovation, Story and Artwork Design, Navigation, Controls and Devices, Characters and Creatures, in fact an incredible attention to detail in all aspects including Game-Play.

For a long time dragons were nothing but a stuff of legend, but now, the colossal beasts dreaming beneath the earth have been woken up and with them the ancient evil bent on eradicating mankind once and for all. Enter you, in the role of Emily Wright, the fierce courier pilot, who turns out to be a right person at the wrong place – literally crashing into the ancient valley tucked away in the mountains of Asia, where the decisive battle of fire and brimstone will take place. Are you ready to face the consequences of the dragons’ awakening?

Only the power of five elements can save the future of mankind…

When I asked about latest innovations, they replied:

  • We are constantly trying to improve our projects with new features, puzzles, mini games, gameplay etc. For instance we can mention our deductive HO in Dead Reckoning games or pet in Myths of the World – Stolen spring, but those are just some of the old ones, for new ones… well I guess that you are just gonna have to keep track of our games and see what’s coming, but you can expect innovations more often.

    Myths of the World: The Heart of Desolation Collector's Edition

They are indeed already one of the leaders in innovation re Hidden Object Puzzles (HOPs) – the use of their Inventory Bar is so diverse.  The HOPs are Lists; Interactive Lists(those that require actions on others in order to reveal an Item); Interactive Shapes/Silhouettes; Pictures of Items to be Replaced into the Scenes; Items to be found in one Scene and reused into the scene until only the final one remains; and Fragments of a Final Item to either auto-assemble when found, or assemble in a Zoom scene specifically set-up with instructions/ blueprints for the purpose.

Some games have Double Inventory Bars – one for the collected Items scattered throughout the scenes plus any gained from characters or from the HOPs, and a second one for the HOP ‘Lists’, with Tabs so you can move from one to the other easily.  In the former you can not only store gathered Items, but also assemble pieces found at random – for example adding arrows to an empty quiver, or taking off or putting on lids of jars, boxes, phials etc, or adding rungs to ladders.

I realize that other Game Producers also are innovative – it’s just that EIPIX seems to continually ‘up the ante’ with each new game be it a Sequel to an existing story or a new game/story altogether. Their Graphics border on the glorious at times; their Music is magnificent; their sound effects environmentally encompassing, and the stories well-embedded, driving the game forward.  You immerse in their games.  Their Tutorials are always clear, informative, yet quick and not too intrusive, with variations you can opt for.

They are also prepared to take on board Suggestions from Players – this is really very satisfying, as no-one knows the positives and negatives of games as thoroughly as those who play them.  I recently sent in a heaps of questions to them and not only received a reply, but one that opened a channel for interaction between me and EIPIX.  Their responses were considered, positive, and promising – I’ll give you some examples.

Myths of the World: The Heart of Desolation Collector's Edition

Technical questions:

Would EIPIX consider adding a FEEDBACK Link on their MAIN MENU – similar to their recent addition of Facebook and Twitter Links?  This would allow players to be in direct contact with EIPIX re the good and the irritating things in the games that EIPIX could then act upon.  It would not take long for issues to become highlighted, allowing the company to target the more urgent for modification.  This would lead to happier players/customers, and kudos for the company.

  • We will definitively take this into consideration, thank you for suggesting that! Until we find a way, together with Big Fish Games, to fulfill this reinforcement, you can always address us on support@eipix.com for every single problem you have. We are always willing to hear the voice of our players and you can mail us whenever you like – we will always answer.

Would EIPIX consider adding a GAMMA setting to their really excellent Options?  Many players need the ability to add more light to the screen, especially in darker sites.

  • Yes we are considering it, but since that kind of technology is still on its feet, it is a long term plan for our production. But we will try to make it faster as much as we can affect.

Would EIPIX therefore consider creating lighter, clearer Graphics for dark and gloomy sites so that Items are actually visible for the player?

  • Often, graphics can vary extremely depending on the player computers, since graphic configuration can be entirely different. But yes, while we are considering the previous suggestion, we will analyze this one, too.

Or even more innovative, would EIPIX consider adding a POP-OUT GAMMA SETTING to dark scenes/sites so that the player can adjust the setting for just that scene/site?

  • That depends on the two former questions.

You see what I mean?  They are prepared to look at any ideas put to them by Players – even though some of them may already be under development.

 MOTWHOD_SE_02 (2)

Issues in and Game-Play:

Would EIPIX consider making the Graphics – wonderful as they are in design and context – more user-friendly by removing the over-use of atmospherics, especially in the HOPS?  Players require clear graphics in order to see the game they are playing – eye-strain is counterproductive to having happy customers.  Plus there are many who have varying degrees of visual impairment, but who are avid players.

  • Thank you for pointing that out. Since this is very important to us we would consider it together with our art team. Of course, the way of improvement is always on our minds but if you think that we could improve ourselves in that field we would definitely pay much more attention to it!

Would EIPIX consider making the PUZZLES also more user-friendly to players less dexterous?  Speed and dexterity – for aiming at targets, copying spell/rune-paths, manipulating items through channels – is not necessarily available to all players.

  • Variety of puzzles is something that our game design department takes very special care about and in this sense we try to offer numerous alternatives of a little bit tougher and more accessible puzzles.

I realize of course that Players can SKIP Puzzles, but this is unsatisfying to them – they don’t want to feel excluded.  If there were levels to choose from – or the more ‘physical’ Puzzles were reserved for the Harder Playing Modes – then this would be less frustrating for those less able.  But as you see with the next question/response, EIPIX are willing to consider this which is promising.

Would EIPIX consider the less able (both sight and dexterity), setting a precedent among Game Producers?

  • Your feedback is much appreciated and your constructive criticism or suggestions are making us better. And based on that, Producers are making sure that game corresponds with player desires along with our initial idea and passion for creating games. So all of the above mentioned proposals will be forwarded to our Game Producers.

Would EIPIX consider making the INFO BOX for the MAP  as a POP-UP like the INVENTORY is?  This would be innovative and make the Map more accessible for players, while giving the Designers more workable space for the locations settings.‚1

  • Actually, our game designers consider map as a helper for the player to understand getting around during gameplay and that is not so much based on mechanics. Thank you for this, we will reconsider this for sure!

Myths of the World: The Heart of Desolation Collector's Edition

After asking about Strategy Guides, Disks to Purchase and the controversial Free-to-Play games, I turned my attention to the BugBear of Penalties for Over-Clicking aka Over-Clicking Punishment!  By this time I was tossing caution to the wind and going for broke – excuse clichés please!

Would EIPIX consider removing the use of PENALTIES of all kinds from their games?  Players/Customers do not want to be insulted by being treated like naughty children.  If you just can’t let go of that notion, then only put the Penalties into Harder GAME MODE/DIFFICULTIES settings if you really must, but remove them from all Easy settings.  Also any OVERCLICKING (also insulting and extremely irritating to Game-Play flow) PENALTIES should be removed – this includes their usually hideous noise FX.

  • That’s great because we’re thinking the same! That’s why we gave our players the choice of mode they want to play and since Myths of the World: Stolen Spring Collector’s Edition project, in all of our games you can turn off the penalties by changing your game settings to custom difficulty where you can adjust the game to your preferences. You can remove penalties from that section and play the game the way you want to play it.

To say I was thrilled by that response is to understate it.  Gleeful is the word!  How enlightened are EIPIX?!  So you see why it’s HATS OFF TO EIPIX!

Watch vigilantly for the coming MYTHS OF THE WORLD: THE HEART OF DESOLATION.  Check out their MORE GAMES Link, on the Main Menus or Extras/Bonus Content pages of any of their existing games, to see what else they have to offer.  Or visit their Website –  http://eipix.com  for the same info, and to sign up for their Newsletter.  Plus check  http://opnoobs.com  for this review and more.


Jud House  30/03/2015

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