Troubleshooting:   Some players – those with 27″ screens – may experience pixellation of the Video components in the latest PC games, including the Character Dialogue foreground components.  I contacted EIPIX and they responded:

I’ve consulted with the producer about this problem you have, and we came to conclusion that problem might be in your screen resolution. We are making our games for 1280 * 768 screen resolution and your is bigger than that, I presume. That is SD type of graphics that we do in agreement with Big Fish Games and their standards. We were making HD games in the past but that turned out bad because HD games were much bigger than current one. Now our games will take 800 – 1000 MB of space on your computer but if we were making with HD version our games would have been twice as large than they are now and people with lower performance computers wouldn’t be able to play our games. That the only reason why we do that, simple optimization, because we want to make our games available to a bigger group of people, we want everyone to enjoy in our games. 🙂

I have Windows 8.1 on Bootcamp on my OS X iMac computer, though also with a 27″ screen, so I re-downloaded the game there and played it.  This improved/diminished the pixellation considerably.  I have tried the Demo Game of MYTHS OF THE WORLD: THE HEART OF DESOLATION on the Mac part of the Mac  🙂  to see how that version plays, and it’s a great improvement.  There is still a little pixellation in the Opening Movies, but this is very minimal.  And the Foreground Character Dialogues are now almost normal.  So thumbs up for the iMac.

* * *

When they required some Screen Diagnostic Info from me, I asked EIPIX:    Could you please give me the step  ->  step sequence for Windows 7 to find the ‘computer performance’ details that you require, so I don’t mistake it and send the wrong info.  Also I am not sure how to take the screen-shot, especially while the game is running; then unsure how to access it once done.  Does it go onto the Desktop like the Dr Felix check does?

 Press simultaneously “windows” button on you keyboard with letter/button “R” (“windows” button is located on the bottom of your keyboard, next to Space Bar). Then a small window should appear. You will see the information about that window, and you will see a blank filed in which you should type “dxdiag” and then press “OK”. Another window should pop up named “DirectX Diagnostic Tool”, in that window select/press “Save All Information” button/area. Then you will be able to save diagnostic file where is most suitable for, you can save it on your desktop. Then Text Document should be saved and the next step is to send it over to me via mail as attachment so I can look up ,with our programmers, for any possible performance issue.

For screen shot you have various number of software’s for it but you can just simply press “Print Screen” button on your keyboard and then paste it in “Paint”. When you are in game and that problem occurs press that “Print Screen” button on your keyboard and then minimize the game and open “Paint” (you’ll find it in Start menu) and then press Ctrl + V simultaneously to paste it.  Then picture should appear and you can save it and then also send it to me via mail as an attachment.

Once more EIPIX have been incredibly helpful.  I have yet to try this method, but will do so soon and let you know the outcome if it has any bearing on this Resolution problem.

Hope this is of help to any of you in need of it.

Jud House   4/05/2015

* * * * *


About judsartwork

I write reviews of Adventure and Hidden Object games that are Crime, Fantasy, SciFi, Renovation, Travel, Quest and/or Mystery by genre. I have a Masters in Writing (2006) and have been writing novels, both crime and fantasy for many years; plus Haiku, verse, and prose both fictional and literary. I am also an artist of modern, Acrylic, textural and hard edge work, underwater, fantasy, expressionist, and Cosmos paintings. I use mixed media (Acrylic, Watercolour, Pastels) in textural Monoprints, finding surprises to expose within each work. Having both an analytical and creative mind has meant that I have strong powers of observation, and the persistence required to follow computer problems through till I solve them. Of course I am not always successful, but am willing to ask for a little help in order to then unlock the main problem myself. My Troubleshooting Blog, 'Problems and Solutions', was the result of my tenacity.
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