Crossworlds: The Flying City



Story:  Monica and her father, Professor Dumbdore, have invented a unique device, a teleporter that enables traveling through parallel worlds! Mysteriously, Monica’s father disappears and it’s up to her to track him down! Investigate the different worlds and meet interesting characters as you track down Monica’s father in Crossworlds: The Flying City, an exciting Hidden Object game. (Big Fish Sales Blurb)

Options:    Very basic, but okay.

Main Menu:    Also basic but okay.

Music & Voice-Overs:   These are quite good, and well-suited to the different Worlds.  I especially like the River World sound effects and music – the birdsongs are great!

Desktop:    (L) Menu, Electronic Diary;  (C) Inventory, Lists;  (R) Hint (rechargeable)

Tutorial:   Quick, okay.

Graphics:   Clear and on the whole colourful.  In the Robo World they are drab and depressing, and for a while I felt as though I shouldn’t have bought the game as it was getting me down.  However, finally stepping through the Portal into the River World was like a huge relief and reward for enduring the previous one – the trees are gorgeous, the swamp lush, the village intriguing, and the inhabitants colourful.  In the Flying City it is more ethereal; marbled, and full of light, statues, and Deities.

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Play Modes:   None.

Map:    None.

HOPs:   Graphics are colourful in these no matter which world you are in – though a little more drab in Robo World.  These are Interactive Lists, within which the Items move from the first play-through to the second.  But those from the second are in the foreground of the first, and vice-versa, which is an interesting, clever twist.  Of course the items you are actually looking for are much harder to find, but the Hint is there to help if you really get stuck.  Some  of the Items are transparent which I always think is a bit mean.

Puzzles:   These take the form of assemblage of broken machinery, shattered stained glass windows, and intricate locks that need to be opened.

Collections:   You need to collect CD shards; and Potion ingredients; then just minor Item collections.

Portals:    You travel via a Time Machine portal to Robo World; then via a Computer Screen to River World; then via a Tree Portal to the Fly City.

Game-play:   As there is no Map, the game entails continual Back & Forth, and Point & Click activities.  You need to resort to the Diary to see your Tasks which are continually up-dated and crossed off as you complete them.  You are given instructions, all of which are really important, via the Dialogue, and via an overhead note when clicking a hotspot, only once – if you miss it because you click again too soon or are looking at the main part of the screen, then you need to check your Diary for the info which may be there if you are lucky.  You are able to choose the order in which you play some parts of the game, but not others.  You can ask Hint for help only in the HOP, which is very frustrating.

 Crossworlds: The Flying City

Tip:   I recommend that you go to the game’s sales page in Big Fish Games, click on the Walkthrough, then save it, once it opens, in your Favourites.  This way you can have it open behind the game, and resort to it when you are really stuck.  If you are using dual screens then you can slide you cursor arrow out the side of the game screen and onto your side screen, then click.  This will put your game down on the bottom Tool Bar, while you scroll through the Walkthrough to your current position, check to see why you are stuck and what you missed.  You then click on the Game Icon on the Tool Bar and the game will open exactly where you left it.  If you have have only one screen, then if it has Full Screen/Windowed Screen in the Options (which I just can’t recall) you can go to Options, Window the game, look at Walkthrough, return to Game screen, then Options, then Full Screen, and carry on playing.  I hope that helps – it was invaluable to me and I am an experienced Player.  I just don’t like being a frustrated Player. 😀

Player Participation:   There is much of this due to B & F, P & C activity.  You also have to make the actions yourself – eg to physically drive the car you need to turn the key on, move gear stick, press pedal down; drive the bus Back & Forth to change locations.

Tip:  In the Flying City you need to speak to the statues several times, and particularly before you place the Items into the hollows beneath them.

Frustration Factors:   Already mentioned – an overall lack of information, and of Help Tools such as a Map or useful Hint button.  Plus the fatigue caused by continually going B & F to P & C.

Satisfaction Factor:    I thought this would be really low, but was surprised by the time I finished.  I did enjoy it, the story is good, and keeps you moving onwards, and I found myself looking forward to the Sequel.

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 I do recommend this game, but strongly also recommend the saving of the Walkthrough site in you Favourites.

Jud House 4/06/2015

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