Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: * * *  Player participation (PP) * * * *  Satisfaction Factor (SF) * * * *

Frustration Factor (FF) **

If you have read my previous two Agatha Christie game reviews you will know that I like these games.  But I am not enamoured with the graphics quality.  That is not saying that I don’t like the content of the graphics.  There has been much attention to detail, to creating the right atmosphere, and authentic settings for the story’s era.  They provide a glimpse into the world as it was then – the garden parties as Fetes, the Boat Shed by the river bank, the cottages with their lovely flower-filled gardens.  This I thoroughly approve of, and enjoy. SF

The visual quality of this game is much the same as the others – okay in places, and awful in others – then hampered by the screen-size pixellation factor, which is not huge in this case, but there nonetheless.  This game excels in having tiny objects to find – you would think that having the huge screen would help, and indeed that was my plan when I bought it.  But now, not only are they virtually invisible by size, what is there is pixelled out of sight!  FF rather high at times as a result.  Before I leave this topic, the clarity of the Text in the Menus, and the Map, is fine – which makes the Folly and the Cottage locations all the more baffling in their lack of clarity.

You, as Hercule Poirot, must identify the killer at Nasse House, and the mystery deepens as you progress through the Chapters.  At the end of each Chapter there is a Bonus Puzzle based on the clues found thus far, which when solved will open the next Chapter.  This Game involves a Murder Hunt, with a Murder Hunt Clue in blue in the Tasks/Objects List.  There is a Decryption Room to decode the Murder Hunt Clue note which takes the form of a riddle phrase.  When the corresponding object to the phrase is located, it in turn reveals a Murder Hunt location photo.  Once collected this activates the next location into your Map.  Of course you can visit the Map, back and forth, as often as you like.

In the Main Menu, the Help gives an extremely precise explanation of How To Play.  The Game is Timed (yujjo!) – if you run out of time you restart at the beginning of the current Chapter – and there are 3 Hints per Chapter as in previous Games.  There are 3 Modes of play – Story Mode, Murder Hunt, and Find All – in the last one there is Unlimited Time to find all the objects!  Yippee! An SF to say the least.

While you are seaching for Hidden Objects you will notice that many times you have to find apples or apple cores.  This is a treat for the Agatha Christie fans, as they all know that her character Mrs Ariadne Oliver, a crime-writing friend of Poirot’s – who invited him to the Garden Party because she felt that something wasn’t quite right there at Nasse House – was addicted to apples.  She was always munching on them, discarding the cores wherever she went.

The Game follows the ‘David Suchet as Poirot’ version of the movie – which of course is worth seeing, as they all are – so you should enjoy this Game if you enjoyed the movie.  And vice versa!

For Walkthroughs of this Game go to UHS Hints at:

(C) Copyright Jud House 24/05/2011

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