Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics **** Player participation (PP) **** Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) *** Fair Play (FP) *** Tedium Factor (TF) Nil


Unravel a puzzling whodunit in Grim Facade: The Cost of Jealousy! You have been called to Spain to investigate the murder of a grieving woman’s husband. But what looks like a simple case soon becomes an elaborate mystery filled with twists and intrigue. You must use your skills to get a step ahead of the murderer before you become their next victim. But uncovering their identity won’t be easy in this tale of deceit, betrayal, and disguise. Everyone is a suspect in this exciting Hidden Object thriller! (BigFish Sales Blurb)

I took a punt and bought this game before I played it.  On the whole I was pleased with it, though it’s not a very long game, and the lack of clarity in the Hidden Object sites became quite tiresome after a while.  The Difficulty Modes were Casual/Expert/Master of Investigation – I naturally opted for Casual – who needs the stress!

The Story, set in about the 19th century, is interesting and important to the game-play, which is always a plus.  I do prefer Crime games that are set in at least the 20th century, or this century – except for Sherlock Holmes of course – but it is acceptable.  There is plenty of intrigue, though you know quite early who has committed the crime.  Still there are many difficulties you have to overcome while you pursue them.  You also collect gold coins, and for Hints you collect knife/fans, based on the murder weapon.

There are a few minor problems – the mouse action is a little erratic; some of the Puzzles need to be Skipped (especially moving squares puzzle) as they are tedious or near-impossible and definitely not fun; and there are a few places of real frustration when you get stuck with nothing working – persevere as you will find the answer after a while.  Tip: When you are in the sunken area with 5 doors around you, after you discover the order they must be clicked in, do so firmly and take note of their changing centre spaces.  Done right you are given access to the next stage, and don’t have to go through it again, even if you go back to a previous site.

I do recommend this game – it is worth a look, so trial it first.

Jud House  19/04/2013

* * * * *

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