Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: ****  Player participation (PP) *****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF)  Nil

These Games all open and play on Windows 7, but the earlier Games 1 – 4 tend to have slightly fuzzy Graphics, due to a combination of larger screen pixellation, and the need for a lower powered PC Processor.  This can be rectified by using the Troubleshooting option in the Control Panel of Windows 7 – then follow the prompts for ‘restoring programs for earlier versions’ to reset the Game back to XP, or whatever M7 recommends.

  • The latter 2 Games have clear Graphics, especially SSF which are great!  All the Games have colourful, well-devised Graphics which are a pleasure to use.  They also use the same Hidden Objects in all the Games, of good though varying size and well defined, so they are recognizable.  They are dispersed around their locations, and remain in that position always.  (Some Hidden Object Games change the position of some of their items each time you visit the location, which adds another level of interest and difficulty.)  In Games 4, 5 and 6, you pick up a couple of items per location to use on other items before collecting them.
  • They all have a common format and story pattern – the Player is asked to find a missing/stolen item (lottery ticket LT, money VH, hidden will NYF, jewels LC, blockbuster movie LLA, and gold SSF respectively) by searching locations and solving puzzles to collect clues.  These are then assembled and/or used at the end of the Game to locate the specific item.
  • Also you must find 20 keys, 1 per location, LT; 1 key and 1 poker chip per location, 25 of each, 50 in all, VH; 1 key and 1 apple per location, 25 of each, 50 in all, NYF; 1 key and 1 crown per location, 25 of each, 50 in all, LC; 1 key and 1 reel per location, 25 of each, 50 in all, LLA; and 1 key and 1 peace sign per location, 25 in each, 50 in all, SSF.  When all are collected, Bonus Game Modes are unlocked.
  • For each Game the main Bonus Game is the Unlimited Seek and Find – which is terrific!  There is huge satisfaction SF to be gained from clearing the board, and even more so if you can do it without resorting to the Hints.  Some of the Games have additional Bonus Mini Games – from the puzzles that are played between each level to gain the next Clue Piece.  The most common of these is Match 3.
  • The first 2 Games, LT and VH, are Timed Games which is a shame and a nuisance – at least the first time through.  But their Unlimited Seek and Find Bonus Games are not timed.  The rest of the Games, NYF,LC, LLA, and SSF, all have the Option of Relaxed Mode, which is really great.  it means, among other things that you can leave the game and get a coffee or answer the phone without having to worry about Pausing the Game – not difficult to do, of course, but happens so often!

On the whole these are thoroughly enjoyable, and great to play for relaxation, when you don’t really feel like straining your brain.  In these stressful times, I am sure most players need some Relaxed mode Time out!

(C)  Copyright Jud House  10/06/2011

* * * * *


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