Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics *** Player participation (PP) **** Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) * Fair Play (FP) *** Tedium Factor (TF) Nil

Take the role of Miss Black, a whip-smart policewoman who’s out to make a name for herself, in Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer. With the help of a grizzled veteran detective, you must find the clues that lead to the guilty parties in several horrific murders. Use your Hidden Object skills to catch the crook and climb the ranks! Bring the terrifying killer to justice in Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer! (BigFish Sales Blurb)

This Crime game is one you can add to your collection for fairly laid-back game-play.  The Options are rather confusing, as is the Profile set-up – persevere, you can treat it as part of the game play!  The story is good, though it ends oddly, with a non-event and the suggestion of more to come.  The Graphics are well designed, but not very clear.  The Hidden Object sites are okay, but the HOs are smallish – offset by the use of the Magnifying Glass from the side-bar – I highly recommend that you use it, at least after you’ve picked out all the things you can find without it.  Some HOs absolutely need it.

It’s important that you follow the <- buttons wherever you see them – orange ones for the Dialogue, and white ones to move from site to site.  Once you have that worked out the game-play is fairyly straight forward.  You use an Interactive Inventory (into which you occasionally collect Items) to gather Evidence – click on the Area/Item then click on the right item in the Inventory when it pops out of the sidebar.  You need to click on Shining Spots/Items to clear them from the screen so that they no longer obstruct your crime scene view.  You also need to find Stars/Badges in each scene – I kept forgetting to – don’t know if it unlocks something.

Every now and then you have to answer a question regarding the murder victim – get it wrong and you have to do a Match 3 game as punishment.  The Puzzles generally are average, but their intructions are confusing and leave you relying on your common sense a lot.  The Target Practice Mini-Game requires speed and precision, aka dexterity – not quite but nearly hopeless for the disabled, shaky or aged.  There is a Skip button for when the Puzzle though solved, decides that it’s not!  Tip: For the Decoding Puzzles, look on the bottom bar – you have to find each letter placed there, within the Code Puzzle.

I bought this game on a Special offer – I wouldn’t pay full price for it.  Nonetheless, it’s okay for a bit of relaxed play, and is easy to breeze through after your first time through.  PS:  I don’t know what the Extended Edition is about – it’s the one I have and the only thing extra I can see is a page of the Puzzles/Mini-Games!

Jud House  1/04/2013

* * * * *


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