Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics **** Player participation (PP) **** Satisfaction Factor (SF) **

Frustration Factor (FF) ****   Fair Play (FP) **  Tedium Factor (TF) *

These ratings may seem a little harsh for a kid’s game, but I found the lack of visibility of Hidden Objects really annoying.  I tried to think like a child but that made no difference.  Of course some of the puzzles were geared for the superior dexterity of kids, but the graphics were quite clear and should have made locating items fun.

The game entailed lots of clicking all over the place in one of the tasks, until you had found weak spots to smash by clicking.  This was hard on the wrists, and totally contrary to the requirements of most games – who unfairly punish you for over-clicking.  A bad habit in the making?  Possibly.

The music was extremely irritating, and the dialogue was too faint, although fortunately was written on screen as well.  This could have been a good game, lots of fun for all ages, but it fails dismally.  I don’t recommend it.

(C) Copyright  Jud House  1/1/2012

* * * * *


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