Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: ****  Player participation (PP) ****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF)  *

I thought I would review these Quest Hidden Object Games as a group, as they are a Series with the same Hidden Objects – a huge variety, well-placed, well-hidden, and of reasonable size – and the same Seek and Find format.  The storylines create the variations between them, bringing with them different quests/missions, locations, and ultimate final solutions to achieve.  I have all 4 of the Games – I grab them as they are released – because they provide Unlimited play at the basic point and click level.  They are enjoyable, good for brain training, and once completion is reached, can be played a location at a time when you feel like a break from other tasks.  They all have Relaxed Play Mode to choose in Options, a main Map to use to select or change locations, Hint and Pause, and some have a Journal to keep you informed.

Their quests differ, and have become more involved with each succeeding Game.  In the first Game there are 21 Hidden Scarabs to find; in the second Game there are 50 Hidden Gems; in the third Game there are 50 Skulls to find; and in the fourth Game 25 Yin and Yang pairs to find.  These are in each new location and upon collection of all of them, the Unlimited Seek and Find, and Bonus Modes are unlocked.  Quest items such as map pieces, tablet pieces, more map fragments and Mahjong tiles respectively are gained as you progress through the levels, to be used to solve and complete the quest at the end of the Game.

In each Game you ‘circumvent unique puzzle traps’ – Picture Tile Swap, Jigsaw Puzzle, Word Search, Tile Rotation, Match 3 or More, Spot the Difference, Replace Missing Objects, to name a few – to enable you to move to the next location, and in some of the Games to actually reveal the next location.  These mini-games start at a basic level, and become progressively more difficult as the game progresses, though not impossible.  Plus they have a Skip button in case you don’t feel like playing it, get stuck, or just dislike that particular mini-game format.

I am able to play all four Games on Microsoft 7, but only the fourth game has crisp clear graphics.  The others may benefit from my using the Troubleshooting within Control Panel to reset them back to XP (Service pack 2) – see Problems and Solutions for help – but at the moment I haven’t done that.  The graphics are colourful, appropriate for their locations, with great attention to detail.  As you continue through the Game you are given interesting information concerning the sites, especially in the later Games.

The SF is high because it is extremely satisfying to ‘clear the location’ especially if you can do it without using Hint.  The FF is very low – the only niggle is due to player impatience to unlock the Unlimited Seek and Find!  As the quest continues you have to carry on through progressively more of the same locations, over and over, before reaching a new location.  And there are 25 to reach and search before you finally get the last of the Special Hidden Objects!  But as I said, this is really a matter of player impatience – of which I have my fair share.

I highly recommend these Games – excellent Time Fillers!

* * * * *


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