Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics ***** Player participation (PP) ***** Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF) Nil Fair Play (FP) **** Tedium Factor (TF) Nil


From the creators of Gardenscapes, Barn Yarn is a unique mix of Hidden Object and Simulation with your favorite characters! Meet Joe and Tom again and help them repair an old barn purchased from a neighbor and prepare for the harsh winter. Hold sales of old things found around the house and purchase everything you might need to turn the ramshackle barn into a cozy and warm winter home for the farm animals. By the way, Joe has a dream… Do you think you could help him make it come true? (BigFish Sales Blurb)

This is a real mix of the Original GARDENSCAPES game but with the FARMSCAPES characters minus the farm produce sales  This time you are back to selling miscellania from the farmhouse you renovated as part of the overall farm updating.  I must say that I prefer this Hidden Object format to that of the Match 3, which I must add that I don’t mind as a Puzzle element to the game, but not as the main gameplay.

There are a few modifications to the game mechanics in BARN YARN – you can now mouse-over the coins in the sales list to add them to your bank thus allowing the next sales requests to appear thus speeding up the game and eliminating extra clicking.  You find butterflies to replace used Hints.  You still look for extra hidden coins in each location.  And you still search for batches of 20 special request items occasionally, but more frequently than the other games, to earn extra money and speed up your savings.  This is great because there seem to be less ‘Rooms’ to search in this Farmhouse (compared with the Mansion) so there is less variety of locations.

Of course, although there seem to be less of them, there are still the renovation choices to make, the values of which are totally unrealistic but such fun.  And you can still change the choices by continuing to play after you have reached the final goal – or you can start again and create new versions of the Barn you are renovating.  Mind you it becomes a very fancy barn!!!

I highly recommend this game for all players.

Jud House  22/03/2013

* * * * *


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