Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics **** Player participation (PP) ***** Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) *   Fair Play (FP) ****  Tedium Factor Nil

 This is a fun Xmas game for all.  The only problem it has is that while the Graphics are clear and colourful overall, they are a little fuzzy for finding smaller objects, especially those sneakily hidden in the snow – white against white.  It could do with a ‘mouse-over the item name to see its shape’ mode to assist for the really well-hidden.  The Hidden Object sites are packed with items which adds to the difficulty level – but that is what HO games are all about.  You can choose Casual or Challenge Modes – Casual is quite frustrating enough as you peer through the snow and the haze.

The puzzles are simple and fun; you have to collect a Santa and 3 candy canes each site, plus Nativity Items as they crop up in your lists.

It’s a cool Xmas game for all ages (little kids and big kids), and this big kid was disappointed when her Free Trial   play time ran out.  Highly recommend it – a good Xmas buy.

Update:  There is a glitch in the final jigsaw puzzle comprising all the collected pieces – the pieces won’t rotate.  The instructions say rotate in space – highly ambiguous and not helpful – but no matter how or where or with left or right click, nothing works.  So you have to SKIP the final puzzle.  Disappointing after a fun game.

Jud House 14/12/2011  &  27/11/2012

* * * * *


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