Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: *****  Player participation (PP) ****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF)  *

The 3D CG graphics are great in this game, clear, crisp, and colourful, with the character movements more natural than in GARDENSCAPE.  It has a choice of Relaxed or Timed Mode of play, and you can once again enable the game as you Screensaver.  Of course it once again displays at the level you are currently at in the game.

This game is also fun, but unlike GARDENSCAPE is not Hidden Object driven.  There are some Hidden Object sections where you search for things to repair items so that you can carry out actions, but then it reverts to Match 3.  This of course is fun for those who like Match 3 games with an added interest.

I realise that in this game the main object is to raise money through selling a variety of garden produce, but it is a shame that the two areas of the game are not equal.  It is too late to redress the balance in this game – unless Playrix can come up with a patch that will give more hidden object searches or problem solving, but that is unlikely.  I found that the constant Match 3 made my hand ache, which was a drawback, and I got fed up waiting for a change in the game.

It is great fun choosing options for the farm’s up-grade, and once again the pet and the miscellaneous farm livestock are an added bonus.  Between these 2 games, I much prefer GARDENSCAPE with its extra coins to be found, though I guess it could become tedious also in the effort to build up enough money to do the next renovation.  A coin hunt in the farmyard would have been fun – though rather illogical.

Still it is a good fun family game, with clear graphics, timely storyline, humorous characters, and simple play mode.

* * * * *


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