Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: ****  Player participation (PP) ****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) *

Following the GARDENSCAPE style, this is a great Renovation Game, but it’s located underwater which adds a twist.  In order to save the Orphanage from a developer – it seems it even happens under the ocean – you have to assist by finding items to sell off so you can renovate the property.  This will allow it to pass the regulations in order to save it from forced sale.

There is a choice between Relaxed or Timed Modes of play which is always a plus.  The Game Play Instructions are clear; you can click and drag the background in any direction to locate areas to repair and upgrade; and there are Puzzles to play between locations.  There is a choice of 3 renovation options for each upgrade – for example, 3 different designs of bridges to install – for 3 different costs.  My only niggle FF is that this doesn’t seem to occur often enough – unlike with GARDENSCAPE where the Money took ages to reach the next renovation costs, in this Game there is oodles of cash, but little access to spend it.

There are a number of items to find in each location to gain extra money – Gems to unlock new scenes/rooms, Rainbow Fish to gain money, and Design Catalogues/Magazines to unlock the next Update.   You also have to accept Special Quest Items to find for customers.  These are collected over a few locations, and are held back for their prospective owners when you send the next batch of found miscellaneous items to the market for sale.

The graphics are great, imaginative, colourful, amusing – a more polished FREDDI FISH, but a less clear FINDING NEMO type of graphic portrayal.  The depiction of underwater creatures, gardens, and abodes is delightful and above all fun!  Very SF.

So far I have only played the Free Trial 60 mins play of this Game, but I have added it to the ‘To Buy’ pile on the right of my Desktop.  I recommend it for all ages.

For Walkthroughs of this Game go to UHS Hints at:   www.uhs-hints.com/

(C) Copyright Jud House   28/07/2011

* * * * *


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