Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics *****  Player participation (PP) *****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF) **   Fair Play (FP) ****  Tedium Factor (TF) Nil


As well as the cool Graphics, this game has a cool Main Menu, and even a cool Basic Options.  The Graphics are colourful, imaginative, and fun.  The cool story is about a village wrecked by the evil tornado spirit Volco,who scattered their Totem in pieces throughout the island.  The Tutorial is interesting and fun, and worth following as there are a few unusual aspects to the game play.  I entered my “Glorious Name’ as requested and was then known as ‘tender’ Jud, which I found amusing.  You spend the first minutes of play finding and collecting the items you need for your Task bar at the bottom of screen – Map, Rucksack/inventory, Hints, and I think notebook too – can’t remember and made no note of it.

The Map takes you to each new destination as you search for the missing pieces needed to rebuild the Totem.  On completion of each Level, you gain Points for the various elements, which causes Status Pennants to be awarded, and Medallions to be placed on the Sacred Tree.  There is also a Village button on the Map which takes you to the damaged village.  You then get to use your Points to pay for buildings, farms, mines, etc to rebuild the village, which can be done as you go along or afterwards.

Key Objects throughout the sites have collection bubbles, with shapes of the hidden KOs pieces, into which you place them when found.  There are also Hidden Object sites, which sparkle to show when they are active.  You need to click on a possible new task area to get information and unlock the HO site.  Most sites have a Symbol Disk/Stone that you need to click on to enter the Spirit World, where a HO task awaits, slightly different, and obstructed by a spirit criss-crossing the screen, adding difficulty.  At least in this site the HOs colour up after a while to help you find them.

NB:  There is a glitch with this game at the end of the Final Level: Volcano – you need to find ALL the CAGES before you place them into their positions, as one is placed over the top of another that needs collecting.  otherwise you will be unable, as was I, to complete this game.  In order to do so, I will have to start the game from scratch using another name.

Tip: When fixing the lift, pull all the hanging vines and see how they help you.

Jud House  17/09/2012

* * * * *


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