I would like to raise the issue of the Collector’s Edition again.  This necessity arises from the latest of these game editions that I have played – that of LIVING LEGENDS – ICE ROSE.  I really think in this case particularly that the additional gameplay/narrative that is in the Coll Ed should be part of the Standard Game, which when finished isn’t really completed, and this is obvious to the Gamer.  We are left feeling dissatisfied as we realise we have done all we can up to a point.  Having the Extra Play means we can actually complete this narrative, though we are left with a teaser for the game to come.  But those who have only bought the Standard Game will definitely feel robbed.  And when they buy the next in the series, how will it’s opening and relevance make sense?  They don’t know the intervening piece of story.  Why should we have to pay more for this extra part of the story – that is, this removed story chapter?  This is NOT FAIR PLAY.

This comment below comes from my friend Pete Davison from his response to my comments regarding this issue.  You can find these and more in RUMINATIONS WITH ANGRY JEDI aka I’M NOT DOCTOR WHO  As you can see we are not alone in thinking this way.

DLC is typically used to refer to bolt-on content for the game itself such as the “Bonus Game” material you describe above. Concept artwork, wallpapers, screensavers and the like are generally just referred to as extras or bonuses. But yes, the issue of Collector’s Editions rears its ugly head alongside that of DLC on a regular basis. In the case of Mass Effect 3, the game under discussion here, a whole character and his narrative arc was excised from the base game in order to be given to owners of the Limited Edition release as a “free” bonus (for paying $20 more, and also getting all the usual art book etc nonsense) — or alternatively, standard edition holders could pick up this extra content for an extra $10 on day one. The main issue people were upset about in this case was the chopping out of important story content — the character in question is extremely significant to the long-running lore of the Mass Effect series as the last surviving member of an alien race thought to be extinct for the past two games — and the selling of it back to gamers on the same day that the base game is released. For those who chose to purchase the standard edition (or unable to find a copy of the limited edition), this effectively meant that they had to pay $70 instead of $60 to get the full experience. An article on popular PC gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun noted that the absence of the content was noticeable if you didn’t have it — there’s a prominent gap in your “Squad” menu, for example, and a room on the player’s ship is conspicuously empty for the whole game. (They did, it must be said, also note that while the content itself was a worthwhile addition to Mass Effect 3’s story, it didn’t live up to the “gosh-wow” concept of its premise, making players’ meeting with this supposedly extinct alien race a bit of a letdown after two previous games of mystery.) Let’s not even get into the fact that the very concept of a digital “Collector’s Edition” is ridiculous. What’s inherently more collectible about this bunch of zeroes and ones than this one? 🙂

Pete’s blogsite is: if you would like to explore more of his views both general and game related, plus his creative writing and music.

(C) Copyright  Jud House and Pete Davison 6/04/2012

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