I would just like to let you know of an odd fact that I have discovered after multiple frustrated game-playing.

Most PC laptops do not have a CONTRAST control.  They have a BRIGHTNESS control, which is great, but when not coupled with the ability to adjust the dark areas of a screen as you raise the brightness, just leads to Tenobrism.  This is the thing that El Greco the artist created with his bands of light along the edges of all his images – so they stood out, pushing the darker details into the background.

I have mentioned in a previous blog that I have found that iMac computers seem to resolve PC game screen placement issues – where some of the game is off the screen, or the game opens off-centre, or too small.  When I recently purchased some Mac games on my new iMac computer, I decided to adjust the Display settings – which is always darker on an iMac.

I discovered that I can Recalibrate the Display.  Now the really important one to alter is the Photograph – the others are fine as they are, so just keep hitting Continue till you get to it.  Then slide the control down from the set number – slide to your left – until you are satisfied.

-> System Preferences -> Hardware -> Displays -> Color -> Calibrate -> Continue x 5 -> ‘Select a target gamma’. 

On this page there is a photograph with a Linear Standard slide control set on 2.2  Try this on 1.8 first if you want to – it may be enough for you.  I recommend 1.4 (the centre notch between 1.0 and 1.8).  Then click Continue x 4 till the end, and click Done.

You will be amazed how much this improves your gaming experience.  You can see everything on your screen – even in the darkest areas, which of course are still dark in comparison with the rest of the image, but are now visible.

Using the same navigation chain, you will have seen that after clicking on Displays the window gives you 2 Tab choices – the one you are on which is Display, and the Color tab.  Before (or after) going on to the Color Tab, while still in Display window you can adjust the Brightness slide control if you wish.  There is an ‘Automatically adjust brightness’ tick box – which I also have ticked – I am not sure if that overrides my new setting or not.  I guess I should try with it off and see, but it seems to be working fine as is.

I hope this helps give Mac Players a better gaming experience.  I just wish that PC Laptops had Gamma/Contrast controls – the box PCs had them.  I don’t understand why the manufacturers would think they weren’t needed in Laptops.  It’s completely baffling.  I for one will never buy another Laptop as my main computer.  Even hooked up to a screen supporting CONTRAST control, without the program in the computer to back it up, it is unusable.  If anyone out there has info to the conrary, please feel free to comment on this blog and let us all know.

Jud House  12/02/2013

* * * * *


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