I have been noticing that many of the search engine terms used to find my blog relate to the problems I deal with in my PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS blog.

I am making a note of some of their specifics and will do a replay of all the CSI games in particular – as they feature the most – and see if I can answer some of these questions. It may take me some time, as I will continue testing games and writing review blogs in between.  So keep an eye out for them.

Don’t hesitate to ask me about any game problems you have – I will do my best to check them out and send you a reply – via the blogroll Comments RSS, plus your email addresses if they are supplied.

I was going to break the big PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS blog down into smaller blogs for each problem – eg White Squares on the screen, etc – but I have these sectioned off within the main blog so they are easy enough to scroll down to.  Plus the info that precedes them is important, and written in plain-speak rather than tech-speak so its uncomplicated.

Please let me know if you would prefer short blogs on each subject.  As you read the blog you will see that I have Updated it many times – and will continue to do so as new problems arise that I may solve, or I discover other means to achieve the same results for the existing problems dealt with in my blog.

Any suggestions in that respect are welcome.  Feel free to reblog my solutions if you think they can be passed on – just do me the courtesy of letting me know and putting a link in to my original blog – if that isn’t done automatically.

Looking forward to responses.

Jud House  12/06/2012

* * * * *


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