Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics ***** Player participation (PP) **** Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) ***   Fair Play (FP) ***  Tedium Factor (TF) Nil


Help Thomas find his master Akkad and fulfill a prophecy! Akkad was on a quest from Cleopatra herself, in an attempt to end a civil war, when he and his daughter were kidnapped by the opposition. It is now up to Thomas to track down Akkad and the love of his life, Iris, and become a hero to all of Alexandria! Cleopatra: A Queen`s Destiny is an Adventure game that will test out your wits and challenge your ingenuity! (BigFish sales blurb)

My game ratings might seem to contradict my description of this game as Cool – don’t be put off.  This game could be really terrific, if you can open it properly, and if you can get good instructions of use.  I am so tempted to buy it but am unsure whether having done so I will just find myself regretting it.  Let me explain.

I had to trick the game to open to the Main Menu.  The game is one that opens to a black screen, with the audio playing in the background, and with things being affected by you indiscriminately clicking on the blank screen to try to make the graphics appear.  I had to use Ctrl/Alt/Del to open Task Manager, then clicked the game icon on the bottom task bar to see if it would open properly – as sometimes this will work.  I got a flash of graphics then black screen.  So I tried it again, this time clicking on the flash of graphics as it appeared.  It held.  So I was able to navigate the Main Menu which is wonderful, and finally proceed to the game.  Nearing the end of my trial hour, I Exited and tried to open the game again – but the same problem reoccurred, and I had to use the same procedure to get in again. I do not know if this could be sorted, once you have bought the complete game, by using the Windows 7/ Control Panel/ Troubleshooting/ Reset for Earlier Versions method.  I do know that it won’t work on the shortened Trial Games, but has worked on others I have bought.

The mouse action is a 360* panning one, so that you are in ‘first person’ position always seeing what you turn to look at.  This is Cool!  You can adjust this from Normal speed, which I found on the edge of nauseating, to Slow, which I didn’t get to try before the game shut down.  And once opened the graphics are wonderful, colourful, imaginative, authentic, light and clear – everything that you would expect an Egyptian game to be.

Now I don’t know if the lack of instructions was due to the fact that I had missed all the intro, but I used my logic and worked things out with most of them.  But I couldn’t make Items from the Inventory work on the Active spots that had cursor/gears.  I worked out how to combine items, collect items, store them, how to read the notes and the map, but it was very much an uninformed learning process.  This became very frustrating when I had run out of things to do that didn’t involve using the items from the Inventory, which no matter what I did, wouldn’t work.

I just looked at the Walkthrough blog on the BigFish sales site:  which explained that what I had surmised was correct.  I couldn’t use it during the trial as I was afraid I might not get back into the game past the black screen.  I suggest you read the game instructions before you open the game to trial it.

If I buy the game, I will let you know if I can fix the black screen problem.  Good luck.  I hope you like it, and have better luck than me in opening it.  I would appreciate any comments re this problem that you can provide – like if it opens fine for XP, but not Windows 7.  This will indicate that all it needs is the resetting process to fix it.

Jud House  2/11/2012

* * * * *


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