Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics ****  Player participation (PP) ****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) ***

Frustration Factor (FF) **  Fair Play (FP) ***  Tedium Factor *

This game has gorgeous opening Graphics but as the play begins they become less clear and a little hazy, especially for the Hidden Object (HO) sites.  You are punished for overclicking – totally unnecessary – and the game drags on a little with the Historical information and storyline intruding somewhat – fascinating as it is.  The back and forth (b&f) between sites in order to progress is considerable but tolerable.

However it is an interesting concept, and could be quite powerful if they had stuck with the initial Graphics quality – there would be a vibrancy which always enhances a game.  As usual, just as I was settling down to the pattern of game-play the Demo ran out!  How rude.  Instead of having my full hour of play in which to decide ‘to buy or not to buy’, I only had 44 mins.  It left me with an assurance that there would be magnificent areas and secret tunnels to explore, incredible locations, scenes of Babylon to fortify against invasion by assassins.

It’s on my undecided pile!

(C) Copyright Jud House 3/11/2011

* * * * *


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