Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: **  Player participation (PP) ****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) **

Frustration Factor (FF) ****  Fair Play (FP) **   Tedium Factor (TF) **


What a shame.  A potentially great game stuffed up by the ridiculous size and lack of clarity of the Hidden Objects.  And by the fact that the ‘pointer’ also has trouble working on them because they are soooo small.  How many times to do I have to go on about this before the Game Designers get it through their heads that if players can’t see the HOs then there is no point in playing the game no matter how good it is.  And the premise of this game is good.

The graphics are authentic enough, but everything is in perspective – fine in a piece of artwork, but crap in a game.  I mean some of the items are just lines in the muddle of HOs – eg the tongs are like a very fine-lined long cross.  Ridiculous!  Some items were almost off the screen!  Some were a tiny bubble poking up above the others, but in the middle of it all.  No idea what it is but you click away hopefully.  Only to find there is Punishment for overclicking – what naughty children we all are!  Okay so using a rag to clear the screen which clouds if you click too much is cool I suppose – but get a grip you designers.  Come into our century and stop designing things the very old way.

The story and game-play set-up is great.  No problem with that – just too frustrating and tedious to play it.  And the music is irritating beyond endurance.  You would have to Mute the Music – the pieces are bouncy and fun, but so repetitive that it aggravates an already frustrated player.  The Decoder is neat as well – liked that.  And the Button-search Puzzle is cool.  And it’s clever to get you to wipe your fingerprints and smudges off an item before you take it to the Roadshow to be assessed.

By all means try the free trial, but I cannot recommend it which is a shame.  A good game spoiled by design.

(C) Copyright  Jud House  31/05/2012

* * * * *


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