Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics **** Player participation (PP) ***** Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) *  Fair Play (FP) ****  Tedium Factor Nil

The story begins in Black and White then progresses to a neat Tutorial.  It has clear Graphics for most of the game, but the Hidden Object sites are mainly dark and blurry, which is unfortunate.  It is very intriguing though, different from the norm, with the use of unusual Inventor’s tools to assist you.  At first a little disconcerting, a huge magnifier comes across the screen for close-up sites to search within a location.  Plus you need to assemble various pieces of the Inventor’s equipment in order to fix the main machine to rescue him.

Not bad, but the fuzzy Ho graphics put me off a bit.

(C) Copyright Jud House 15/11/2011

* * * * *


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