Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics **** Player participation (PP) ***** Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF) * Fair Play (FP) **** Tedium Factor (TF) Nil


After vanquishing her evil twin, Pandora, Empress Anna must find her lost tribe. In a fever dream she learns they are threatened by a cursed colossus on a distant and mysterious temple city, adrift on the waves below. Helped by the ghost of Jacob and an ancient phoenix she escapes the burning palace in the clouds and finds the beautiful floating city, constructed by her lost people. But where have they gone? Only a sinister two-headed wizard and his cats remain. Can she trust him? Will he help her find the lost tribe before the colossus fully awakens? Find out in Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix! (BigFish Sales Blurb)

Another fantastic game in the Series.  Loved every minute of it – and there were many as it is a really long game – HOORAY!!  The story was great, engaging, and concluded really well, with a little twist with THE END?  If you buy it and play it through you will understand that comment.  The Graphic Artwork is imaginative, colourful, and captivating.

The Options is good, with Casual/Expert/Hardcore Difficulty Modes; a Notebook which has Journal/Map/Amulet tabs which is quite handy and constantly updated.  However the Map, while showing your current location and your next desired location, won’t allow you to jump from one to the other which is a pain.  Mind you once you have activated the half a dozen portals between the sites you are able to pop back and forth to the vicinity of your target.

As usual, the Hidden Object sites a less than satisfactory clarity-wise, but imaginatively are great.  There is enough variation in them to be interesting, and they don’t occur very often as this is more an Adventure than a HO game.  You sometimes need to collect Morphing Objects in the HO sites instead of listed Items.  The Music really suits the game, and the game-play is continuous and involving.

The Bonus Game entails much the same game-play, with the collection of 4 Stars, then 4 Seahorses, followed by the capture of 4 Silver Cats all scattered throughout the entire game locations leads to a great deal of pointing, clicking, and navigating back and forth.  the Zem Game which results at the end – which you play to gain trophies, and can return to once it unlocked by completion of the Bonus Game – is addictive, fun, and requires an increasing degree of skill as you move up the levels.  I think it is better without the freezing, burning and bombing assaults from the monster as you progress, and would prefer it if that were a choice.

Fans of EMPRESS OF THE DEEP Series will be pleased with this most recent game, and hopefully a few more gamers will give it a try.  Highly recommended – I bought it before I tried it!

Jud House 19/04/2013

* * * * *


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