Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: *****  Player participation (PP) *****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF)  **    Fair Play (FP) ****   Tedium Factor Nil


Immerse yourself in the secret world of a time traveling family as they fight to save their future in the final chapter of the Flux Family Secrets trilogy. Follow Jesse as she navigates through time helping historical figures and unraveling a mysterious plot that involves her families’ future.   (BigFishGames Blurb)

This is another great sequel by Skunk Games – with the same great SciFi graphics and detailed gameplay.  I played it and bought it as soon I realised it had been issued.

You use the Owl Portals to move between time zones to collect items to use in the opposite time, spending quite some time going back and forth, often through multiple Portals.  Some of the items you need to find are very well disguised, or rely on other actions taking place.  The Story is complex, and a little confusing at times, especially if there has been a gap between playing the others of the Series.  Upon completion there is a distinct impression that there is room for more to come for the Flux Family.

There are some of the same minor problems, like some of the Puzzles being awkward, difficult, and FF, but they are easily overridden by the fun, the PP, and the brilliantly clear location graphics!  They are not so clear in the Hidden Object sites which is disappointing.  But the degree of imagination and design that has gone into the Artstyle and Visual Design is staggering.  This includes the Controls and Navigation of these Graphics – something that we Gamers often take for granted.

The Options are basic, the Tutorial is quick and helpful, the (Right Click) Magnifying Glass is great for locating the smaller items (make sure you remember to use it), and the Hints give you suggestions as well as showing HOs in the Hidden Object sites.  But the Music is annoying, irrelevant, and repetitive as in the other two FLUX FAMILY SECRETS games, so I suggest you turn it off or right down to help keep the FF down.  Also the Loading action is slow, and there is a Glitch in the ‘Click to Continue’ response in the Video and Audio scenes – you have to view a video every now and then to get further information.

TIP: You need to speak to Amelia in order to trigger access to the case for the watch.

As usual, I highly recommend this game, despite the few negatives.  When I get time, I will try playing them one after the other and see how they all hang together.

Jud House  9/08/2012  &  14/08/2012

* * * * *


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