Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics: *****  Player participation (PP) *****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) *****

Frustration Factor (FF)  Nil     Fair Play (FP) ***** Tedium Factor Nil


What a great game, despite being about an old house in the country, and involving mirrors.  And what’s wrong with that?  Nothing.  It’s like the car crash openings, and the planes ditching over mystery islands.  A game story has to start somehow – some are getting a little stale though.  And this one is well and truly integrated within the game, crucial to the game in fact.

The Graphics are colourful and gorgeous, 3D in places, with divine blossom trees – and the pond graphics close up, with the fish swimming and coming to touch the water surface, are wonderful.  The music is really good and appropriate, and there are Casual, Expert, and Hardcore modes to choose from.  There is the usual going back and forth, but you can collect more than one item into your Inventory from a site.  There are only occasional HO sites, making this more of an Adventure game.

The Puzzles are unusual – I love the mirror puzzle – and ingenious.   The characters of the story are also unusual, interesting, and engaging.  You need to collect Fairies from each scene also, as an added bit of gameplay.  If you use the Strategy Guide, then the page you need is the one that comes to your screen – which is really handy and stops you scrolling to find it.  Plus you can use the Map to move from site to site directly, which also stops the Tedium and the Frustration – thus the Nil ratings for those things.

I think you can guess that I bought this game asap.  Love it and highly recommend it.

(C) Copyright  Jud House  23/02/2012

* * * * *


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