Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics **** Player participation (PP) ***** Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) **  Fair Play (FP) ****  Tedium Factor Nil

Although the promised clear Graphics at the Main Menu were not followed through in the gameplay, they were, nonetheless, colourful and appropriate.  The game is excellent, and intriguing, making you use your ingenuity, logic and wits to negotiate your way onwards.  There is an Auto-Tutorial at the start which is helpful as the mechanics of the game are a little original.  The Inventory is pic form of the Objects to be found and used; there is a Magic-Mixer to combine pieces of objects, or different items to form one that can be used; and the Cursor changes to a green weather -vane to click on to change locations or the angle of view, or to feet to indicate where to walk to next.

So apart from my usual bug-bear of fuzzy graphics, it’s an interesting game, and worth checking out.

(C) Copyright  Jud House  24/11/2011

* * * * *

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