TREASURE SEEKERS – Follow the Ghosts Collector’s Edition


Jud’s Game Rating:

Graphics ****  Player participation (PP) *****  Satisfaction Factor (SF) ****

Frustration Factor (FF) *   Fair Play (FP) ****  Tedium Factor (TF) Nil

Your choices are Casual or Advanced gameplay Modes, and being a Collector’s Edtion there is Normal Play and Extra Play (which has to be unlocked by playing Normal first) on the Main Menu.  There are the usual sparkling Hidden Object sites, Key Object sites that open as a ring of bubbles to be filled with the required items that will release/open/repair whatever the Key is, plus there are separate items to be found in most locations.  This is definitely an Adventure/Hidden Object game.

This game has a good story that’s well integrated in the gameplay.  But there are less ‘tools’ to assist you – no Notebook or Diary, or Map that I can recall.  There is of course an easily accessed Strategy Guide, but I’d rather try to work it out for myself using a Notebook and Map first before resorting to the Strategy Guide.

I like the ‘big hand’ cursor to pick things up, and even more, the ‘funny face’ cursor when you need to chat to a character.  I’m not keen on some of the puzzles, but thank goodness you can Skip those you don’t like.  In fact one of them, the Code Puzzle, was quite dodgy as the code plates wouldn’t stay where I put them.  I checked later in the Strat Guide and it seems that they needed to sit a little lower.  Far too frustrating FF, so I Skipped and moved on, as I was playing the Free Trial Hour.

Unusually, I made no note about the Graphics, so they must have been acceptable – I’m sure I would have said if they were great.  But the games of this series, except one, have all been fairly clear, and highly authentic for each narrative.  Colourful, imaginative, but a little too inclined towards obscuring atmospherics.

Good game, well worth trying, and is sitting in my ‘To Buy’ list for when there is a slump in the game productions – or when I win Lotto!!

(C) Copyright Jud House  24/01/2012

* * * * *

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